Cotton Bacon, 10 pcs Cotton Bacon Organic Muscle Cotton for DIY Project (1 bag) Asprie Vape Mod

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Why will the 2.0 Cotton Bacon be your must-have accessory?
It is super absorbent with high heat resistance, allowing for a pure and clean flavor.
It is soft and easy to tear to fit any size of coil. DIY your atomizer now!
It is organic pure fiber cotton, tasteless and well-made.
A pack of cotton bacon generally can make 30 dual coils with diameter of 3.0mm.
It contains 1*pack of 2.0 cotton bacon,
Why will Vapker US LCC be your right choice?
We offer 100% genuine products.
We guarantee quick delivery. We have long-term friendly relationship with Amazon FBA, thus we ensure the goods will arrive you in the shortest time.
We provide top customer service for every single customer. We promise to response any Q&As in 24h. We have professional staffs to solve your problems.
This cotton is suitable for washing face.
Old and new packages are shipped randomly. Please feel free to buy them.

Relaxation Inhalers (Red) Asprie Vape Mod

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Brand new revolutionary design easily fits in the palm of your hand. Our concealed DANKTANK is compatible with any cartridge up to 11mm in width and attaches via included magnet connector. “Crowns” facing up, attach the magnet connector to your prefilled cartridge and immediately enjoy! 

Variable voltage indicated by the light  (red 3.2V, purple 3.7V, blue 4.0V) ensures you never burn your product. Easily adjust by tapping the button THREE times rapidly.

Rapidly tap the button TWICE to activate the 15 second preheat function. If you leave your DANKTANK chillin outside in the cold, don’t worry. Tap TWICE and wait 15 seconds before enjoying. DANKTANK will preheat your cartridge to ensure the product flows smoothly and evenly! 

Charging is simple. Use the included (or your own) USB-MicroUSB wire and attach to any power outlet or car charger.  You can even enjoy DANKTANK while it is charging! We know it’s irresitable.

Complete Kit With Case Asprie Vape Mod

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WP Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser is a complete, portable kit that can be taken with you everywhere. It comes with a discreet case that will carry all your essentials.

WP Oil pen is a great functional device that is proven to works with a variety of essential and hemp oils. Stylish and powerful this small device will satisfy everyone. From beginner to the connoisseur.

The Aromatherapy is a great alternative relief for many from daily stress and building anxiety. Weter you want to enjoy your free time at lunch or relax after a hard working day you can count on WP oil pen.

Black Dank Vape Packaging – Empty Packaging – 50pcs for $27.99-32 Different Packaging Asprie Vape Mod

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Dank Packaging – Empty Packaging – 32 Different Packaging – Ships Same Day – Minimum 50pcs Per Order at $25.99 – all packaging is sold in 50 per unit increments..50 – 100 – 150 – 200 – 250 – so on and so fourth…..for example: if you would like 100pcs for $51.99 .. select quantity of 2…if you would like to choose your own packaging -leave me a message with specific package selection- otherwise the order will be shipped all even assortment PLEASE CHECK PICS FOR PACKAGING SELECTION!!! SIDE NOTE: I SHIP OUT ALL WEEK LONG!!!! ALSO ON SATURDAYS SO DONT HESITATE ON A FRIDAY NIGHT OR SATURDAY!!!

Carrying Case Cover Holder Wallet for JUUL – Fits Most Popular Vapes, Pods & USB Charger – Device Not Included Asprie Vape Mod

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JUUL love the way this carrying case organizes your life. We ain’t jokin or smokin. Custom designed by and for JUUL lovers, this carrying case wallet packs up to 3 devices, 3 extra pods, and 1 charger (all not included). Like JUUL itself, the JUUL carrying wallet comes in a wide rage of colors and textures to fit your specific style and need. Made of a durable nylon material with a heavy duty zipper, the JUUL case will withstand wear and tear. Whether or not you believe that pod created the world, this JUUL case is seriously right for you. No smoke.

Capella Flavor Drops, Sweet Watermelon, 0.4 fl oz. Asprie Vape Mod

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Capella Flavor Drops are a highly concentrated flavoring without any sweeteners, fats, calories, or sodium. Due to the concentration level of these drops, Capella avoids adding any preservatives or stabilizers. Unlike syrups which need to add these due to the level of water in their products, the more water you add to your product, the more you need to preserve it from mold growth. Flavor Drops avoids this step by giving you the true flavoring, and avoiding the dilution step altogether, hence Flavor Drops does not contain Potassium Sorbate or any preservative. All Flavor Drops are corn and peanut derivative free. Gluten free. Vegan Friendly. Capella Flavors is the first company to release a flavoring product where they leave the sweetening to you. When we say no sweeteners we mean no sweeteners both natural or artificial. Great for use in coffee or tea (3 drops per 6 oz.), smoothies, protein shakes, and baking. Add some flavor to homemade frostings (5 drops per cup of icing). Recipes