New Version Coil Building Tool Kit Home DIY Tool Set, 13 Pieces General Household Toolkit Repair Tool Set 6 in 1 Coil Jig for Home Maintenance Jewelry Industrial Repairs with Toolbox Storage Case Asprie Vape Mod

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Package weight: 0.64kg
Package size (L x W x H): 20 x 20 x 5.5cm

Packing include:
1 x Diagonal pliers
1 x Needle-nose pliers
1 x Stainless steel folding scissors
1 x Pen styled Phillips screwdriver
1 x Pen styled Flathead screwdriver
1 x Ceramic Tweezers
1 x Elbow Tweezers
1 x 10ft 24GA Kanthal A1 wire
1 x 521 Mini Tab
1 x Coiling Jig Set
1 x T styled HEX screwdriver (1.25mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm)

Please keep it away from children.

Best Aromatherapy Pods – LUU!”P+” Peach Flavor! Breathe LUU to Enhance Your Mood with Blended & Heated Aromatherapy.No Nicotine. Asprie Vape Mod

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LUU Pod P+ – Clean Alternative to Nicotine Devices

*You must be 18+ years old to use this product*

LUU is a health and wellness lifestyle brand that currently sells relaxing air in the form of the personal oil diffuser, which promotes mood change and life-enhancing effects through the ancient practice of aromatherapy. This personal diffusers includes 0 nicotine or tobacco

Lab Tested. Quality Ensured
Our ingredients contain no harmful chemicals like nicotine or diacetyl. All testing and analysis were conducted by an independent testing laboratory accredited to Anderson Materials Evaluation, INC 

Oil Safety
LUU Portable Aromatherapy Diffusers turn our custom blends of oils into water vapor and aromatherapy, so while the term “vaporizer” is technically accurate, it can be slightly misleading. LUU does not contain any of the ingredients commonly found in many of the devices labeled vaporizers, such as nicotine. This is why we choose to call LUU a portable aromatherapy diffuser rather than a “vaporizer.”

LUU is safe to use in terms of the oil content, as well as the heated vapor delivery system, as far as it is possible to know from current information. This endorsement applies only when used as directed, and not by people with respiratory illnesses, allergies to oils, or by pregnant or nursing women. LUU should be used moderately with five to ten puffs a day. 

glycerol, propylene glycol, flavor, vanillin, ethanol

Pods are only compatible with the LUU

Promotes Sleep & Calm Mood Asprie Vape Mod

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Do you dread taking bitter pill or capsule supplements?

There is no fun in swallowing supplements, especially when they remind you so much of medicine. Even as adults, we all want something that is sweet and easy to consume.

Unfortunately, some skip taking their pills just to avoid the unpleasant smell and taste. It is easier, yes, but your mind and body miss out on the benefits they could offer.

Enjoy yummy-as-candy supplements with Hawaiian Health Natural Hemp Gummies!

Gummy has been in existence since the 1960s. Although it isn’t necessarily a new product, it sure is one candy that has maintained its status as a favorite among kids and adults alike.

Since gummy is an all-time fave, we decided to make our supplements look, smell and taste like it! We infused hemp oil and gummy candy to create nutritional and therapeutic chews adults who are young at heart will love! Concentrated oil is not something everyone is fond of, so our yummy edibles are your next best choice.

Hemp gummies are rich in essential vitamins and fatty acids that aid in enhancing your mind and body functions. They help remove stress, relieve pain and ease discomfort. Gummies with hemp can also make you better at focusing on your tasks and remembering important things. Imagine how much you benefit just by chewing one sweet gummy a day!

Other noteworthy reasons to take Hawaiian Health Natural Hemp Gummies:

🧸 Tested and proven safe and effective
🧸 All ingredients are non-GMO
🧸 Luscious fruity flavors
🧸 They taste just like real gummy bears. No after-taste at all!

Improve your health the delightful way. Add Hawaiian Health Natural Hemp Gummies to your cart TODAY!

96PCS Prebuilt Coils 8 in 1 Kit for Craft Hobby Use, Kanthal A1 Material Household Wire Set Asprie Vape Mod

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The prebuilt wire is Half Hard Easily Bend.Quality it is Great For Electrical, Craft, Hobby,and in rda for vape. The pre-built coils kit include 8 different wire types, 12pcs for each type, 96pcs total.
12x Hive 0.5ohm
12 x Mix Twisted 0.45ohm
12 x Fused Resistance Wire 0.45ohm
12 x Alien Wire 0.45ohm
12 x Clapton 0.85ohm
12 x Quad 0.36ohm
12 x Tiger 0.36ohm
12 x Flat Twisted 0.36ohm

Don’t toss that old appliance with a heating element of yours, repair it instead!
Fix that old heating element in your toaster, space heater, or whatever your electrical need may be that requires this specification of wire!

Hemp Oil Drops 40000mg, Co2 Extracted, No more Stress, Anxiety and Pain, 100% Natural Ingredients, Vegan Friendly, GMO Free Asprie Vape Mod

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1. Our product is absolutely natural.
2. We use only the highest quality ingredients to create the purest and most effective formula.
3. Supplements Hemp OIl Drops found to be beneficial:
– Relieves Pain
– Promotes Calming Effect
– Improves Brain Function
– Relieves Nausea
– Improves Sleep
– Promotes Cardiovascular Health.

As you may know, hemp seed oil, due to its richness in essential fatty acids, has a strong nutty flavor.
The hemp extract itself, adds to this flavoring.

Supplement’s hemp extract is made only from the non-psychoactive compounds of the hemp plant and therefore, has no mind-altering effects.

Store in a cool, dry place.
Our hemp extract has a 2-Year shelf-life.
Even after opening, the same 2-year shelf life applies.

We recommend taking 3 drops twice a day:
– shake well
– place drops under the tongue
– allow them to dissipate for 30 seconds
– swallow.

Organic Hemp Oil,
Vitamin C,
Vitamin E,
Omega 3,
Omega 6,
Omega 9

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510-Thread Charger,Ego USB Smart Charger with Over-Charge Protection, Compatible with eGo Series and Other Standard 510 Threaded Devices – 2-Pack (2) Asprie Vape Mod

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⚡ UNIVERSAL 510 THREAD: Compatible with eGo series and other 510 thread HIGH capacity batteries.
⚡CHARGING INDICATOR:Red indicator means your device is charging, and green indicator means your device is fully charged.
⚡ ULTRA-SAFE & SMART:Built-in Over-Voltage Protection, Over-Current Protection, Over-Charge Protection and Short-Circuit Protection to ensure safely charge. After fully charged, it will quit charging automatically.
⚡ SPECIFICATIONS.:2 PCS, Input 5V/500mA, Output 4.2V/420mA. Warm Tips: The input Voltage/Current are not allow to exceed 5V/1A, which means you can not use fast charger to power it.
⚡AFTER-SALES SERVICE:2 month refund, 1 year warranty. Professional after-sales team provides free life-time technical support. You can apply for service support with your order ID.

⚡ Warranty: ONLY IN HTDRAGON, 45 Day Refund, 12-Month Worry-Free Warranty. Professional After-Sales Team provides Free Life-time Technical Support. You Can Apply for Service Support with Your Order ID at Any Time
⚡ Specifications: Input: 5V/500mA Output: 4.2V/420mA Red indicator: charging Green indicator : fully charged.