Aromatherapy Inhaler, Natural Quit Smoking Remedy, Harmless Lowers Stress Levels, Simply Breathe To Enhance Your Mood With Blended & Heated Aromatherapy Organic and Natural-Mint Asprie Vape Mod

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As is known to all, collagen is a kind of biological macromolecule material which can complement the nutrition for the skin. It can help to moisturize skin, anti-aging, beauty, wrinkle elimination, raise hair, etc. Daily absorption collagen is the great device that choose to the way to absorb by oral mucosa to absorb vitamin A, B, C, E, coenzyme Q10, terpenes, and plant nutrients from the steam.

Why Choose ME?

★ Effective & Long Lasting ★ No Charging Needed or Required.★ Easy to hold in hand and puff on at all times.
★Ready & Easy To Use Anytime & Anywhere ★ Helps you lead a healthier lifestyle.
★Safe & Healthy. No tobacco, nicotine, artificial ingredients, GMOs, gluten, diacetyl, or propylene glycol.
★Scientific. Highest quality essential oils from reputable farms, blended by scientists and aromatherapy expert

Single Length: 4.7 inch
Single Weight: 0.5 oz

Package includes:
Mint Flavor Inhaler x 1

Matters Need Attention:
1.Pregnant women and children are prohibited.
2.Keep away from water or some other liquids.
3.Prohibition of disassembly.

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