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Do your vape cartridges often get damaged during shipping?

If you are into the vape cartridge business, you know how difficult it is to transport your items. There’s always that risk of breakage or leaking, especially while they are being shipped.

You can’t always personally deliver your goods, and too many broken pieces can make a dent on your profit. To grow your business, you need a storage container that will protect your cartridges from getting compromised in transit – ensuring that they reach their destination fully intact every single time.

Safeguard your vape cartridges and other small valuables with the BIKO Shipping Supplies Clear Tube Containers.

Our 1.0ml transparent cylinders not only give your vape cartridges a clean, sophisticated and professional look but also keep their contents protected from damage, regardless of weather or rough handling.

But these vials aren’t just for vape cartridges. If you are always on the go, they can store your valuable items, such as earrings, small rings and gems. Now you can enjoy worry-free traveling knowing that your accessories will be in good condition when you need to use them.

And if you love making arts and craft projects, our tubes are great for storing a variety of accessories, such as beads, gemstones, small stickers, buttons, googly eyes and other crafting supplies. You’ll enjoy how they are all classified and organized every time.

Can’t make a decision just yet? Check out more features of our supplies containers right here:

✅ 50 tubes and caps per pack
✅ Custom printing is available
✅ Suitable for both personal and commercial use
✅ Quick shipping from and within the USA
✅ Dimensions: 12.1mm x 88.4mm

Solve your vape cartridge delivery dilemmas. Add these Clear Tube Containers to your cart TODAY!

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