GetVita® (Mangolicious) -America’s Organic MultiVitamin Diffuser Inhaler w/Vitamins A C D E B1 B2 B3 B5 B6 B7 B8 B12 B15 – Longer Lasting 500+ Inhalations – Mango w/ Pear & Honeydew Flavor Asprie Vape Mod

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GetVita is the smart choice for a true vitamin diffuser containing refreshing vapors created from organic vitamins, natural flavorings and ingredients. While other diffusers use nicotine and artificial flavors, the stylish GetVita diffuser is designed and crafted solely for use with the highest-grade natural ingredients approved by our team of specialists and our partners from Florida, USA. These materials meet or exceed the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP’s) for natural products. Vitamins formulated and produced in the USA with the highest purity level of certified organic ingredients in a diffuser powered by a CE & UL certified recyclable lithium-ion battery, create the world’s true electronic aromatherapeutic device. Designed for better absorption and assimilation to support your body’s essential needs, the GetVita diffuser delivers vitamins A, B, C, D & E to your body via direct inhalation through the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. This 100% vegan, gluten free, wheat free, non-GMO, natural energy enhancing formula contains the multivitamins and minerals that your body lacks to maintain good health.

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