BIKO Asprie Vape Mod

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Do your vape cartridges often get damaged during shipping?

If you are into the vape cartridge business, you know how difficult it is to transport your items. There’s always that risk of breakage or leaking, especially while they are being shipped.

You can’t always personally deliver your goods, and too many broken pieces can make a dent on your profit. To grow your business, you need a storage container that will protect your cartridges from getting compromised in transit – ensuring that they reach their destination fully intact every single time.

Safeguard your vape cartridges and other small valuables with the BIKO Shipping Supplies Clear Tube Containers.

Our 1.0ml transparent cylinders not only give your vape cartridges a clean, sophisticated and professional look but also keep their contents protected from damage, regardless of weather or rough handling.

But these vials aren’t just for vape cartridges. If you are always on the go, they can store your valuable items, such as earrings, small rings and gems. Now you can enjoy worry-free traveling knowing that your accessories will be in good condition when you need to use them.

And if you love making arts and craft projects, our tubes are great for storing a variety of accessories, such as beads, gemstones, small stickers, buttons, googly eyes and other crafting supplies. You’ll enjoy how they are all classified and organized every time.

Can’t make a decision just yet? Check out more features of our supplies containers right here:

✅ 50 tubes and caps per pack
✅ Custom printing is available
✅ Suitable for both personal and commercial use
✅ Quick shipping from and within the USA
✅ Dimensions: 12.1mm x 88.4mm

Solve your vape cartridge delivery dilemmas. Add these Clear Tube Containers to your cart TODAY!

12 PCS Mixed Color Silicone Vape Anti Slip Rubber Rings for RBA RDA Tank Mechanical Mods, 22mm Mixed Rings, Random Design and Color Asprie Vape Mod

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*Silicone Vape bands, for your 22mm mod/tank, will stretch to fit up to 25mm.
*These Great looking Vape Bands to help protect your expensive mechanical mods and atomizers.
*They can protect your battery and atomiser to help prevent damage to them when they get dropped on the floor etc, they can also help leaking atomisers with leaky seals.
*You can also use them to make your mod/atty stand out from the crowd.
*You can use them to glam your atty up a little and personalized them up to your taste a little.
*The mods feel very nice to hold in the hand and are fully washable with mild soapy water the bands just slide over and make a great addition to any vaper.
Name: Silicone Big Vape band
Material: Silicone
Style: Concave
Package included: 12 PCS vape band

Burst B12 – Best Vitamin B12 Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Inhaler – Healthy Alternative to CBD and Vape Pen. 100% Vegan, No Tobacco Or Nicotine. Fruit Flavored Natural Energy. Asprie Vape Mod

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Hello there, welcome to Burst Pharma (The Founders of the Burst B12™).

We’re your one-stop shop for accessing guidance, tips, and products for everything from vitamin deficiencies to sleeping and anxiety aids and all other issues normal people face.

Why we created Burst B12™

We and our friends are vegan bodybuilders and have fought through being Vitamin B12 deficient for a long time. The only solutions to our problem included ingesting supplement pills that would leave our bodies through our urine or expensive injections that we dreaded taking. We looked around to find an alternative and noticed that we could inhale Vitamin B12. We had leisurely vaped before, so thought this could definitely be an alternative. To our disappointment, all the Vitamin B12 inhalers that we tried, tasted horrible and contained too much Vitamin B12 (sadly, this gave us headaches and did not make us feel well), so we sought out to create our own. As a result of our bad experience, our mission became evident. We made it our responsibility to create a product that tasted, looked and felt great, and that actually worked. Our goal is to put that right at your fingertips.

It’s not hard to understand why people hate using B12 shots and ingesting pills. Shots hurt and pills dissolve into your urine, and for the average person – your basic deficiency can run you way over your budget. Not ideal.

At Burst Pharma, we help at a price that you won’t find insulting.

The point of it all – and the message that is most important to us – is helping you understand that having a healthier body & sharper mind is only a click away.

That is Burst Pharma.

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. We’re here for you.