Relaxation Inhalers (Red) Asprie Vape Mod

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Brand new revolutionary design easily fits in the palm of your hand. Our concealed DANKTANK is compatible with any cartridge up to 11mm in width and attaches via included magnet connector. “Crowns” facing up, attach the magnet connector to your prefilled cartridge and immediately enjoy! 

Variable voltage indicated by the light  (red 3.2V, purple 3.7V, blue 4.0V) ensures you never burn your product. Easily adjust by tapping the button THREE times rapidly.

Rapidly tap the button TWICE to activate the 15 second preheat function. If you leave your DANKTANK chillin outside in the cold, don’t worry. Tap TWICE and wait 15 seconds before enjoying. DANKTANK will preheat your cartridge to ensure the product flows smoothly and evenly! 

Charging is simple. Use the included (or your own) USB-MicroUSB wire and attach to any power outlet or car charger.  You can even enjoy DANKTANK while it is charging! We know it’s irresitable.

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