SPACE STICKERZ – SMOK ALIEN 220W Skin – Custom Protective Vinyl Decal for ecig – Best quality cover – Second life to your box mod, wrap and enjoy + BONUS STICKERS (Laser) Asprie Vape Mod

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This skin exclusively fits your SMOK ALIEN 220W TC.
We produce mod wraps of the highest quality. We use high-performance vinyl (the same as used in vehicle wraps).
Our skins show perfect resistance to e-liquids and condensate, protect your vaping mod from scratches, spills, hits and accidental drops.

Installation guide:
– Clean the surface using the cleaning pads. Start with the cleaning pad to degrease the surface and then use the dry napkins to eliminate dust and remove traces. Your mod is ready for a makeover!
– Carefully position the skin on your device
– If something goes wrong, you can peel the sticker off and re-align it, but avoid any dust or fingerprints on the sticky side of the wrap
– Use a hair dryer to heat up bending points for perfect settling

Feel free to have a look on for video guide on how it is done. Use QR code provided on the included card

Each package comes with easy to follow instructions on how to apply your wrap properly + BONUS FREE STICKERS

ORDER NOW to make your mod one of a kind.


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